Home Hemodialysis
frees up time for friends and family

Don’t miss out on the most 

important things in life.

You are the one dealing with your disease every day, so you have the right to control your own time. Travelling 3x per week to a dialysis clinic should not be part of your life

Fixed dialysis sessions at the dialysis center and being dependent on the clinic’s schedule can be a shadow of the past with home hemodialysis.

What is home hemodialysis and how does it work ?

Home based: Get the dialysis machine installed at home.
Training: Get trained by our therapy experts on how to do dialysis yourself.
Support: Have access to our experienced dialysis therapists 24/7 whenever you need support during your dialysis treatment.
Cost coverage: Costs for home hemodialysis are borne by your health insurance.

Experienced D.med therapy
specialists that will support you

Irina Hein-Klöckner

Therapy specialist
Home hemodialysis

Burkhard Zöller

Therapy specialist
Home hemodialysis

Why make home hemodialysis
therapy with D.med Homecare?

+5000 Patients

Since our parent company D.med began operations, we have cared for over 5,000 patients worldwide.

10+ years

We have been providing dialysis services since 2009 and have grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of dialysis services.

How to get home hemodialysis,step by step:


Speak to your nephrologist

Report our service to your nephrologist. Your nephrologist will discuss with you whether home hemodialysis is an appropriate treatment option for you.

Home analysis

We will visit you to analyse the spatial and technical conditions at your home.



Installation of the home hemodialysis machine

Besides the installation of the equipment and materials, we help you with every step necessary to prepare for your first dialysis treatment at home. We talk to your landlord and manage reconstruction works.

In-depth training at your home

We make sure you have all the necessary skills and confidence to perform the treatment alone at home. Our therapy experts will teach you how to perform a dialysis session based on individual training plans tailor-made for home hemodialysis patients.

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In close cooperation with your dialysis center, we support you from the very beginning of your treatment. Once your setup at home is ready, our specialized therapy specialists will visit you and be at your side at your first dialysis treatments at home.
In the beginning, the treatment is performed by our therapy specialists, and with every treatment, you will gradually take over more tasks: from setting up the machines, to cannulation, and handling simple machine errors. Our home service team will answer all your questions about home treatment during the training phase until you can perform the treatment fully at home. We know this can feel scary initially, but our highly experienced team will carefully take you on this journey and make sure that you feel safe during this transition by offering in-person training sessions at your home.



24/7 support

Provide your nephrologist with our details. Your nephrologist will review whether you are medically fit to do home dialysis.

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We are available to support you 24/7, whenever you need help. And we work closely with your nephrologist, who will still be responsible for all medical matters.

Support with logistics, consumables and maintenance

Together with our partners we will ensure dialysis consumables are delivered timely and reliably to you.



Cost Coverage by Insurance

You will receive a reimbursement from your health insurance for each treatment to cover costs for electricity, water, etc.

Preconditions forHome Hemodialysis

Medical preconditions

Your physical and cognitive abilities
Positive assessment by your nephrologist as to whether home hemodialysis is an appropriate treatment option for you.
Your nephrologist is responsible for your dialysis treatment and reviews the quality and effectiveness of your treatment every 4 weeks
A good understanding of hygiene

Technical preconditions

You need 4-6 square meters for the dialysis bed, the dialysis machine and storage of materials
A special power and water source for the dialysis machine is installed by experts
You should plan space for the hygienic storage of dialysis material and disposable waste
If your apartment is rented, your landlord should be informed about any structural measures, increased water, electricity and garbage consumption
Delivery obstacles such as stairs, narrow accesses or other restrictions are controlled by the therapy specialist and discussed with you