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How to provide home
hemodialysis, step by step:


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Call us at +41 71 588 0828 and learn about our offers. We will jointly discuss each patient to check their eligibility for home hemodialysis.

We take over

We organize the installation of the necessary medical equipment and the renovation work in the patient’s house/apartment. We then train the patient with our individual training concept, based on our professional expertise. After the training is completed, we are available around the clock to assist the patient as needed. With regular visits, we support our patients with HHD and keep ourselves informed about their condition and well-being.



Keeping you up to date

Our therapy specialists will keep you posted about the situation of the patient. If you have any questions, we will support you. The safety of the patient and the high quality of the treatment are our priority.

Why should you choose Homecare’s
home hemodialysis service?

Joint Analysis

Together with the nephrologist,we discuss each patient and determine whether home hemodialysis is a suitable treatment option for the patient.

Experienced dialysis therapy specialists

Our staff consists of experienced and qualified dialysis nurses.

Full service package

D.Med Homecare takes care of all non-medical tasks for home hemodialysis. For analyzing the situation at the patient’s home, to installation and training and finally ongoing support.

Quality of care

The quality of the treatment and the patient’s safety are our main concern. Homecare is part of Healthcare Group with over 2,500 dialysis patients in 20+ clinics worldwide. Our medical team ensures the high quality of our services.

Our Medical Team

Benefits ofhome hemodialysis


Individual and specialized training content adapted for home hemodialysis

Anatomy and physiology of the kidney
Basics of hemodialysis
Handling the dialysis machine
Self-puncture or connection to a central venous catheter
Hygiene at home
Medication training
Alarm handling and emergencies
Treatment documentation
Organization and logistics
Close consultation with the responsible nephrologist and dialysis team in the hospital.

Training for HHD

Patient-oriented based on an individual training plan
Contents for theoretical and practical training
Joint step by step implementation of the treatment
Learning home hemodialysis with verification of learning success.
Adaptation of the learning steps to the patient’s physical and cognitive ability
Final nephrological assessment of suitability for home hemodialysis.



More time for medical tasks

We can take over the complete training and further care of your patient and we inform you of every step. will provide the blood samples and water analysis, so for your monthly check-ins with the patient, you have all the information you need to quickly decide which aspects of the prescription will need to change.

If our therapy specialists notice any changes with the patient they will notify you.

Maximum information

We provide complete education and further nursing care for your patient and keep you informed every step of the way. assists with monthly blood draws and water analysis at the patient’s home.
You have all the information you need to customize dialysis therapy at monthly checkups.
Our therapy experts will inform you immediately of any changes.