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What is Home Hemodialysis?

Home hemodialysis (HHD) is a therapy for kidney failure. The procedure is the same as that of outpatient hemodialysis, but is performed in the comfort of the patient’s own home using the same equipment.

Patients dialyzing at home no longer need to travel to a dialysis clinic for dialysis treatment.
However, the treating nephrologist is still responsible for treatment and prescribing therapy and medications. The HHD machine is set up and installed at home in a suitable room.
Regular maintenance of the equipment is performed at home and treatment materials are delivered to the patient’s home.

Patients are trained by D.med therapy specialists to perform the treatment on their own. After completing the training program, patients have the flexibility to perform dialysis on their own schedule (e.g., in the evening after work). If questions or problems arise during treatment, D.med’s therapy specialists are available around the clock to provide support as needed.

Get to know D.med

Homecare services

We are a Swiss company specializing in Home hemodialysis (HHD),
we offer the following services to patients and the dialysis team in hospitals.

Analysis at the Patient’s home

We analyse the spatial and technical conditions of the patient’s home.

Joint Analysis
with a nephrologist

Together with the nephrologist, we decide if a patient is suitable for HHD.


We organize the installation of the equipment and reconstruction measures.


All patients receive training to perform the treatment alone at their homes. Family members and other caregivers can be trained as well.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock care and help in case of complications and questions as well as regular visits at home.

For Patients

Enjoy the flexibility of your dialysis treatment at home

We help you through analysis, planning, installation and training. The only thing you will have to worry about is what to do with your friends and family now that you are in control of your time.

For Healthcare professionals

Provide the best care to your patients

Whether or not your clinic has the resources required for home hemodialysis, we are happy to support you in enabling your patients to receive home hemodialysis treatment as well. Give your patients more flexibility in their treatment and empower them to take back control of their own health.

Call one of our experts to discuss the benefits of our Home Hemodialysis full-service package.

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